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NOTE: We will begin the Edge Academy application process for incoming 4th-graders in September. Currently, the plan is for Edge students to meet in-person at Edge Academy on their designated days (4th-graders on Tuesdays, 5th-graders on Wednesdays) with bus transportation provided to and from Lincoln Elementary in the mornings and afternoons. Edge students who are enrolled in distance learning may choose to attend in-person on their Edge day or can participate in online enrichment offered separately on a different day of the week. More information will be shared once the details have been worked out.  
Welcome to
Franklin-Simpson Edge Academy!

This will be the third year for Franklin-Simpson Edge Academy - an academic enrichment program designed to provide extended learning for advanced students in 4th and 5th grades at Lincoln Elementary. Edge Academy is modeled after similar successful programs in our region and is designed to develop the talents and abilities of gifted and talented/high-potential students. 


Students attend Edge Academy one day a week; twenty-five 4th graders attend on Tuesdays and twenty-five 5th graders attend on Wednesdays. This educational opportunity provides advanced students with a full day of instruction with peers of similar ability, allowing for academic challenges that move faster and go deeper in-depth. A strong focus on core academic standards is closely intertwined with the goals of fostering students’ creativity, critical thinking and leadership skills, and sense of confidence.  Students are engaged in project-based learning opportunities integrating science, social studies, art, engineering, literacy, and math.

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